Welcome to WrestleStat Tourney Pool!

Tourney Pool is another free feature provided by WrestleStat. It is a fantasy system, similar to the brackets everyone fills out for the College Basketball National Tournament games. But for College Wrestling, it's a little different.

In this contest, you have 10 wrestlers that you need to select, 1 per weight, while staying under your total alotted points. Each wrestler is "worth" a specific amount of points, based on their seed, and the size of the tournament.

After selecting all 10 wrestlers, there are 3 tie-breaker questions that need to be answered. Those are based on the actual points earned by the top 3 schools in the actual tournament. Users are able to make, and update their selections whenever they want, up to 11:00AM Eastern time the day that the tournament begins. At that point in time, all selections are locked, and then users are able to look at who other users selected at their 10 weights.

This is a highly automated process, besides actually entering the match results for the tournament. This system is completely locked down prior to March 1st of the current wrestling season. Once it hits March 1st, everything will automatically activate and you can start playing.

Again, this is a free service, intended for fun. There are numerous public groups available that anyone can join, or you can create, or join private groups, as long as you've been invited to the private ones.

Don't forget, action begins March 1st, so get registered so you are ready to roll when the time comes.