Fantasy College Wrestling | Rules

Fantasy College Wrestling | Rules


There will be a small entry fee for the FCW league. The fee is paid by each user as opposed to the commissioner paying the fee for the whole league. Fees collected are for the administering of the FCW portion of All other sections of will remain free to all users.

The fee schedule is as follows:
  • 1 FCW League Entry for $6.00
  • 3 FCW League Entries for $15.00
  • Unlimited FCW League Entries for $30.00

Refunds will only be allowed PRIOR to a league having been drafted.


WrestleStat will not collect any additional money to pay out to league winners. That is between the commissioner and the other team owners. Should your league decide to wager in the FCW league that is entirely up to you guys, WrestleStat will have no dealings with that whatsoever.

If you choose to give a commissioner money on your own and they don’t pay out the winnings properly WrestleStat is not responsible to fix that issue. You are only paying WrestleStat to use the FCW service.

The Format

WrestleStat will be facilitating FCW leagues.
  • You can join a league that someone else started and opened up to the public to join.
  • You can start your own league and leave it open to the public for others to join.
  • You can start a private league where you invite your friends to join using a password.
  • You can join a private league that you have been given the password to join.

There will be 10 teams per league, if you do not fill your league with “real owners” you can fill to 10 using “Simulated Owners”. Every team will draft 15 wrestlers (more below about the draft). Wrestlers will accrue the points they earn in dual meets and tournaments (more below about scoring).

Each week, you’ll matchup in a head-to-head match against another team in your league. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins. The teams with the best records move on to a playoff format (more below on playoffs). The winner of a playoff bracket wins the league.

The Commissioner

Each league will have a commissioner (person who sets up the league). The commissioner will be responsible for setting the draft date and time. If you are inviting your friends to your league the commissioner will send out the invite to all. It is very important that the commissioner is present for the entire draft in order for all of the times and auto-picks to work correctly.

How does a draft work?

As mentioned above we are using 10 team league format this season. If a league doesn’t have 10 teams you can use simulated owners. The positive of using simulated owners is that it gets you to the 10 teams needed to draft a league. The negatives are once wrestlers are on the simulated owners’ teams they are locked there. A simulated owner cannot add/drop wrestlers or make trades with other owners. We would recommend doing your best having 10 “real” teams in the league.

The draft order is randomly chosen, the commissioner has no say in the draft order. Each team takes its turn picking an available wrestler to fill up its roster. We will be using a “snake draft”, teams pick first to last, and then the order is reversed, with teams last to first choosing in that order (1-10, 10-1 etc.…). The system will automatically draft for the simulated owners when it is their turn to draft. The system will pick the best available wrestler in a weight class that is needed for that team, excluding wrestlers in a redshirt or injured status.

How do I draft a redshirt wrestler, or someone that's not in the top 300?

The draft room defaults to loading the top 300 wrestlers. If you'd like to select a wrestler that's NOT in the top 300, then you can click the green "Load All Rostered Wrestlers" button at the top-right. That will load everyone that's on a roster this season.

Are there strategies for drafting?

Keep in mind we do our best at WrestleStat with updating team rosters and schedules but ultimately it is up to you to strategize how many matches a wrestler you are considering drafting will wrestle during the year and what tournaments his team will wrestle in during the season. We set weights and starters for team rosters on WrestleStat using the best available information we are receiving but understand the information we are getting might not always be correct.

Wrestlers will only score points when they wrestle a match against other D1 wrestler. Open tournament wins and losses and dual meet wins and losses will not count when they occur against non D1 rostered wrestlers.

Wrestlers that are taking an Olympic Redshirt or “Grey Shirting” are technically not on a D1 roster and will not score points. They may appear on a WrestleStat team roster at the time of the draft but not be able to score points for you during the season. Ultimately it is your responsibility to draft wisely with this knowledge.

What does a roster look like?

Our FCW league is set up to have 15 wrestlers on a roster.
  • 10 Wrestlers in your lineup (one for each weight). They will score points for you as long as they wrestle matches in the weight you list them at. Ex. Sebastian Rivera wrestled a dual at 133 pounds last year, that match would not count if he is listed at 125 pounds on your team’s roster
  • 2 Wrestlers who are floaters, basically two extra wrestlers that will score for you in the week you list them as floaters. Wrestlers that are designated as floaters can score for matches wrestled at ANY weight. If you have someone on your roster, but not sure which weight they will wrestle, then it would make sense to have them as a floater.
  • 3 Wrestlers on your bench - They will not score points for you when they are on the bench.

What's the timeframe for updating your lineup?

As already noted, fantasy weeks span from Monday thru Sunday each week. During any given week, your roster is "updateable" until 9:00AM EST of the EARLIEST match date for ANY wrestler on your roster.

Example 1: Let's say the date is 10/30/2019. We are techinically in "fantasy week #1" since it's Wednesday of that week. The earliest match date on anyone's roster is going to be 11/1, since that's the official start to the season. If you have a wrestler on your roster that has a dual on Friday, November 1st, then you are able to update your lineup all the way until 9:00AM EST on 11/1.

Example 2: Let's say the date is 11/6/2019. We are in "fantasy week #2". One of the teams for a wrestler on my roster has an event on 11/7 (Wisconsin). All others are 11/8, 11/9, and 11/10, with 2 schools having no events. Therefore, the latest date that the lineup is updateable is 11/7 at 9:00AM EST.

What does the schedule look like?

The FCW season will run during the college regular season and not include the conference or National tournaments. The regular season will be 15 weeks long, November 1st to February 9th. There will then be 2 weeks of playoffs, February 10th to 16th and February 17th to 23rd.

How do wrestlers score points?

Scoring periods will go Monday through Sunday. Week 1 will be a short week running November 1st through November 3rd.

We will use a dual meet scoring system for the regular season FCW Leagues.

Pin, Forfeit, Inj. Default +6 points, Tech Fall +5 points, Major Dec. +4 points, Decision +3 points.

Loss Pin, Loss Inj. Default (-6) points, Loss Tech (-5) points, Loss Major (-4) points, Loss Decision (-3) points.

No points for Bye’s or Medical Forfeits in tournaments, as listed above Injury Defaults do count.

No advancement or placing points for tournaments.

Wrestlers will only score points when they wrestle a match against another D1 wrestler. Open tournament wins and losses and dual meet wins and losses will not count when they occur against non D1 rostered wrestlers.

Dual results are entered into WrestleStat nightly, the tournament results do take longer to enter into our system, but we are constantly updating (between our full-time jobs and family obligations). Results for tournaments may take a few extra days to get entered since it’s a manual process and takes more time.

In the rare occasion (Midlands this year) when a tournament starts on a Sunday and finishes on a Monday, all points will count for the week that the tournament started (the Sunday week).

Can we make Trades with other teams?

To propose a trade, go to the “Propose Trade” button-link and follow the instructions. You can propose a trade where for example you give two for one. If the other team accepts this trade, they would be instructed to drop a wrestler from their roster, so they don’t have more than the 15-wrestler max.

Trades can be submitted at any time and there will be no limit to the number of trades allowed. Trades are always/only for a user’s “next week” roster. Example, if it’s Tuesday during Fantasy Week #2, then any trades proposed and accepted would be for the Fantasy Week #3 rosters.

What happens if a wrestler is injured or is just not doing it for you (Add/Drop)?

To add/drop a wrestler just click on the “Free Agency” tab and follow the instructions. Add/Drop will work like trades in that it will take effect for the “next week” roster. This is currently set up as a first come first serve with unlimited Add/Drops available to all owners.

We do not currently have a limit on the add/drops a team can make, but if your league has a set number you will have to manually track and relay that info to your team owners.

How do the Playoffs Work?

As mentioned above the last two weeks of the regular college wrestling season will be our playoffs, February 10th to 16th and February 17th to 23rd. After week 15, February 9th, the top eight teams in the league will play in that league’s playoffs. There will be two “brackets”, one of the top 4 seeds, and one for the next 4 seeds. 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 (or 5 vs. 8, 6 vs. 7) will play the first playoff week and the winners will play against each other in the finals. The losers will play each other in the final week also.

Refund Policy

We will be unable to offer a refund once your league has drafted. In future seasons, there will be the option of a "draft-only" group to allow for users to do their leagues however they want, while being able to have an automated draft system. In the event that there's a refund AFTER a league has drafted, then that user would be converted to a "sim" user, and all wrestlers on the roster will be locked.

As you know this is our first season running FCW, so we ask that you bear with us, and if you have any problems or concerns please email Greg and Dan at [email protected].